Getting closer

•April 3, 2012 • Leave a Comment

After putting the airbox back on  I rode around the block a few times.  Not much power in the low RPMs, but she really starts to pull when she hit the power band 🙂  Bike doesn’t handle very well, kinda like riding a dog, but then again I’m use to riding dual sports and supermoto’s

After the third time around the bike started to not run as well.  Engine also seem quite hot.  I checked the oil lines, they all looked empty.  They were all filled with oil before my run.  So I’ll need to recheck the oil pump before moving forward..


Running on one cylinder

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After a bit of effort I can get the bike to run for a few seconds.  Looking at the exhausts only one pipe is blowing smoke, the top left one.  So it’s only running on one cylinder.  With the airbox off I can reach the float drain screw on the middle carb, so I removed it.  No gas…

I took the carbs off again, took apart the middle and right one.  The float valve on the middle carb was still clogged.  I was able to clean it after removing the float (i had to punch out the pin/axle holding it).  The right carb had a clog in the float drain.

After that I put everything back together, put the carbs back on the bike, and success.  I was able to start the bike.  Lot’s of smoke, luckily the neighbors weren’t out on their patio like they often are, because their whole house was covered in a blue smoke cloud.

Went up and down the street a few times, got to love that 2 stroke sound 🙂  Need to put the airbox back on before going for a ride, don’t want any crap in my carbs..

Start your engines.. maybe

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Got the bike back together, took me a few tries for some of the parts, apparently you need to do things in a specific order or else parts won’t fit!  Well at least now I know.  I also put the choke on the wrong clip, so the choke isn’t fully engaging.  Have to take it all apart to get it moved to the right clip 😦

After putting gas in the tank the petcock valve unseized, so that was nice.  I turned it to prime for a bit to get gas into the carbs.  Then started kicking 🙂  Engine turned over once or twice, but that’s about it.  Well that and a sore leg.

Then I removed the left and right plug (they were wet, but not soaked), sprayed in a bit of mixed gas, put the plugs back in and tried it again.  Engine turned over a few times, got a few puffs of smoke, but that’s about it.  So then I removed the gas tank and airbox, and sprayed some mixed gas into the carbs.  I can get the engine to run for a second or two, so that’s promising.

So it seems it’s not getting enough gas.  Might need to take them apart again, or someone mentioned a big ultrasonic cleaner..  Might be worth a try

Carbs re assembled

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New gaskets and O-rings, replaced all the hoses, also added an inline fuel filter.

Gaskets 2.0

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GasketsAfter some serious scissoring I was able to make some new gaskets.  Perhaps next time I’ll try an exacto or something.

More shopping

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Got some more goodies; O-Rings, gasket material, fuel hoses, spark plugs, new battery’s in.  Although the newbie at good times sold me the wrong plugs so I had to go back and some warmer ones.

House stinks like old gas and carb cleaner

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Got the carbs mostly disassembled.  I couldn’t slide out the pin that holds the floats in, and the main jet which I’d like to clean is under it.. So still need to figure that out.  Service manual says “Slide out the Pin, remove the float”… Could be a bit more helpful lol.

Cleaned the bowls and the top part of the carbs, haven’t cleaned the slides yet.  Broke two of the gaskets, I’ll have to see what I can do for that. Probably just get some gasket material and make my own.

Still no idea where that bearing goes; extra parts suck!